9 January 2014

Le Comptoir Libanais

I'm a foodie. A big time foodie.

I'm also Mediterranean which inevitably means I like to get stuck in to food and I'm not shy about getting my hands dirty.

Le Comptoir Libanais is the perfect place for this. 

There are a few outlets dotted around London, but this little bundle of joy is nicely nestled among the sparkly boutiques of the Duke of York Square in Chelsea. 

Aside from the endless edible treats, this is an Aladdin's cave filled with all sorts of middle eastern treasures. 

From richly infused olive oils, harrissa paste and figs in syrup, to straw baskets and brass wine coolers (or at least that's what I thought they were), this place literally has it all.

At 3pm it was packed with lazy Sunday Londoners strolling in to get their fix of filling sharp and zangy flavours. We were two of those revellers. 

Admiring the crowds from a little corner table, my lunch date ordered a Chicken Taouk wrap which consists of Lebanese flat bread stuffed with slices of marinaded grilled chicken, pickled cucumber, tomatoes and garlic sauce. Yum!

I opted to try something new. Now I'm a big fan of tagines and Lebanese wraps, but a stranger on the menu was tickling me.

Isn't she a beauty?

This my friends, is a Fattet Lamb Kibbeh.

Minced lamb wheat parcels (we Greeks call these Goubes) with pine nuts, warm tahini yoghurt, garnished with crispy pita & fried onions. 

Dreamy huh? You wait till you get stuck in! 

The concoction of creamy yoghurt, herby lamb kibbeh and punchy pomegranate were like a party in my mouth! Just delish! 

Le Comptoir Libanais' atmosphere is extremely laid back and so are the friendly staff. A little too much if you ask me, but it was Sunday, so we'll lay off them. 

Mint infused water washed our lunch down nicely but if you can squeeze a teeny bit more space, I recommend finishing off with some Baklava and then browse the shelves for some souvenirs and nit bits to take home. 

They also serve up a wonderful selection of fresh juices and coffees as well as take away food from their deli, so check out the nearest one to you here.

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