17 March 2014

Bubbles and Diamonds

A very dear friend of mine was asked by the man of her dreams for her hand in marriage last weekend. 

The scene was spectacular. 

Surrounded by ancient snow capped trees that have witnessed a thousand stories, he arranged a sleigh to take them into the depths of the Alps and picked his perfect moment under the stars to ask her a sacred question.  

How romantic? and how sparkly is that beautiful creation?

Making this doubly special for me, is the fact that my darling Sash, has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!

I'm so very excited for them both and I cannot wait to be part of their memorable journey.

All this talk and enchantment over weddings has made me very nostalgic this week. Whilst it was almost two years ago that Mr C asked me to marry him, it only feels like yesterday and the surge of emotions that took me over me that day come flooding back when I think of it. 

Fancy accompanying me for a little trip down memory lane?

I can't promise you'll see world class photography, but amongst all the commotion we did remember to take a grainy iPhone photo or two. 

It was a glorious Saturday in June and after a long session at the hairdressers and nail bar (I tipsy boyfriend may have dropped a few significant hints the night before which lead to mad dashing & preparations), he proposed in our home with the French doors wide open and the beautiful blue sky and sunlight beaming in. 

Despite perhaps having a clue, nothing quite prepares you for a moment like that. I was all flustered and in shock for a good while until the champagne was popped and my nerves settled. 

Several Facetime and Skype sessions with loved ones later, we jumped in a cab and my love whisked me off to The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge for dinner at Bar Boulud.

This place is famous for their burgers and despite the fancy pants occasion, I couldn't miss a chance to try them. All the adrenalin and excitement made these love birds hungry, and with just a few champagne pit stops, the delicious tower swiftly vanished before we could even fathom taking a photo.

A congratulatory dessert courtesy of Bar Boulud.

This heavenly creation topped with gold leaf, melted as we poured hot sauce over it to reveal the most magical chocolate truffle and mint ice cream hidden underneath.

Just divine and I can still recall the silky rich taste! 

Shortly after we sent our compliments to the chef and made our way up to the piano bar to continue the celebrations. 

The manager made us feel very welcome and special by preparing some sparklers and more bubbles and together we promised we'd be back to do the same each year from there on in and we haven't let him down.  

P.S. Apologies about the quality of the photos! Aside from them being taken at night, they were selfie iPhone shots, but I'm sure if you squint your eyes a little and spin round a few times, they'll look as clear as day! 

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