5 March 2014

Nineties Nostalgia

I'm a nineties kid. 
Born in the eighties but raised in the nineties. 

Tonight I'm lucky enough to be going to see Beyonce in concert in London (more on that tomorrow) and in preparation for a night of singing and dancing till my heart's content, I went through her albums and fell in love with her old songs and Destiny's Child all over again which leads me to today's blog.

My 90's childhood nostalgia.

First up on the agenda has got to be the television series that filled our homes with laughter and tears and set the fashion trends that are back to haunt our clothes rails today. 

The Fresh Prince of Bell Air - High tops, baggy T's & Snapback caps made him the ultimate cool kid & dance moves guru

Saved by the bell - Oh how I miss you Screech!

My Girl - Tear jerker "My glasses, my glasses, I can't see without my glasses"

Full House - featuring the Olsen twins as toddlers. Adorable!

Then came Dawson's Creek. A great series based around young complicated love with a cast of actors who have gone on to grace our screens in countless more successful films and shows

Closer to home we had the dramas of Bianca and Ricky in Eastenders (a soap opera based in East London) that had the nation gripped. Join in with me "Ricckkkkaayyy"

And of course, super trendy 'Sabrina the teenage witch' and her talking cat Salem who had my little brother and I practising magic most days after school.

But talking of trendy.....these little ladies were my true fashion idols!
Oh yes! 

Animal prints, crop tops and Buffalo platform trainers.

Not to mention Adidas Poppers. I'm not sure anything has beaten the satisfaction of popping all the tracksuit buttons at once!

Destiny's Child camouflage & general 'Sistahood' attitude. 

Britney's girly plaits

Gwen's bulshy bunches and facial jewels

Cher and Dionne's over the knee socks, tartan skirts and feather boas.

'As if!' and 'Whatever!' 'Girlfriend' (Sorry I got side tracked)

Dungarees or Bejewelled flares only from Tammy Girl of course.

Scrunchies. Standard!

And then there was the hair mascara, glitter and clips we'd use our pocket money to buy from Claire's Accessories on Saturday mornings, while Mum did the food shop, remember?

Putting the super girly trends aside though, I also spent many a day making up countless of dance routines to the angelic tunes of these heart throbs.


East 17

The Backstreet Boys. Nick (the blonde) was always my favourite.But when I wasn't prancing around forcing family members to watch my dance shows, I'd either be playing with my Slinky

Or feeding/killing my Tamagotchi - an electronic pet that I never quite managed to get my head around 

My sister listened to CDs on her Discman or played Sonic on her SEGA Game Gear

While my older brother competed in (and naturally won) imaginary bike races on his chopper or fought dragons with Super Mario on his Game Boy 

Remember those? Compared to today's palm-sized consoles, those things were about an inch thick and seven inches long and resilient to almost everything...including sea water! How things have changed! I simply loved travelling down memory lane and found myself grinning and giggling through lots of different memories while writing this post. 
Did you grow up in the nineties? If so, what were your fondest/cringeworthy memories?

Please leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to hear them!

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