27 February 2014

Voucher Codes Blogger Clothes Swap

This week I was invited to a blogger clothes swap hosted by Vouchercodes.co.uk.

Monday promptly arrived and I'm not sure whether I was more excited about the idea of new clothes or because of the fact that I was considered a 'blogger'...this is still quite new to me remember?
Shanika and I met up after work and excitedly skipped along to the event, which was held at The Gallery Soho.
We gave the bouncers a wink and a nod and ran up the stairs only to be greeted by dozens of smiles and the sound of friendly chatter. 

Various groups were huddled around different areas of the room busying themselves with one thing or another. 

These girls were embellishing some tights with various felt patches, an array of colourful diamante, sequins, furry balls and anything else they could get their crafty hands on. 
Others enjoyed lovely manicures or nibbled on the selection of sweeties.

And Shanika and I headed for the bar. A refreshing drink was in order to help gather our thoughts and put together a battle plan.

The barman was out of tall glasses, so being the easy going chicks that we are, we opted for a stiff Mohito in a wine glass! 


Ready for action, we handed over the clothes we were donating in exchange for a card full of stamps and headed up to the clothes hall to investigate. 

Swarms of hungry bloggers dashed around the room collating garmets under their arms as they went. 
Personally, I found the mad rush a little overwhelming so after picking up a thing or two that caught my eye, I went to check out the bar.

After all that Mohito was divine! 

Armed and ready for round two, Shanika and I explored the rails picking up potential winners and gathered in the corner for an overview.

Here is a pair of maroon heels I came across. Whilst a little sceptical at first, I was persuaded to keep them. What do you think of them?

We were then pleasantly surprised with these little golden nuggets! 

Deep fried Southern Chicken with lime and chilli sauce, accompanied by Cajun fries. 

Happy and content, we got chatting to some other bloggers camping out near by. 

I loved getting to hear about what other people are interested in and writing about. 
This is Sharon. She is the voice behind Thrift My Style and told us all about her bargain finds!

Soon the crowds begun to disperse with bagfulls of goodies. 

We let them get ahead and sneaked in another cocktail before the talented barmen wrapped up.

Overall, a wonderful evening filled with yummy canap├ęs, moreish drinks, awesome 'free' clothes and the best company! 


  1. Hi Nataly!! Fabulous round up post and thanks for the mention too- you and Shanika got some great photos and I especially love these last two! x

    1. Thank you Sharon! Lovely to meet you x