3 March 2014

The Wine Rack

Top of the week and month to ya' leprechauns! And it's the start of a new season here in the UK too.

Let the beautiful flowers blossom, the days get longer and brighter and the Nation smile again! Hurrah for Spring! Crack open a bottle and let's celebrate!

This week I wanted to share with you my latest project.....a wine rack for our kitchen.

Stephen and I have been in our rented apartment in Wimbledon for two years now and throughout our time here have managed to collect a few nice bottles of the good stuff.

Unbeknown to me (clearly a novice) there's a fine art to looking after and storing this sacred liquid - Plonking it on top of the fridge to wait for it's lucky day is apparently not it. We decided to try and think outside the box and be a little creative with the space we have. Naturally, Pinterest was my first port of call for inspiration.

There is one white wall to play with, so we can either mount something on to it, or since I think we can to with a little perching table for passers by to linger and chat to the chef (me), why not try and incorporate the two? 

What do you think gorgeous, wall mount or little table? 

Or even better if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. 

In the meantime, I'll pour us another glass. It'll help us think!

**All photos were sourced from Pinterest**

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