30 December 2013

Forza Win(ter)

"Supper clubs" or "communal dining experiences" as they may also be known, have been taking London by storm for the past couple of years. 

People of all shapes and sizes have been huddling up in derelict warehouses and dodgy back alleys all in the name of good grub. 

The Mediterranean in me loves this! 

I was brought up in a huge Greek family and sharing lovingly prepared meals around a big table is where I feel most comfortable. Trays of juicy meats, olive oil clad carbs and colourful salads were thrown in the middle of the table for us all to fight over and devour. 

With this in mind, I was delighted to bag a few fast selling tickets to Forza Win(ter).  

This season's event was held in a *wait for it* warehouse type space off the beaten track somewhere between Bethnal Green and London Fields. The bank end of nowhere to a South West Londoner like me. 

Happy to find shelter from the cold and blustery evening, we were pleasantly greeted by a bright little Christmas tree and the smell of warm spiced cider.

Only carefully selected foodie chums were invited to enjoy this ride!

We found our seats and got settled. Acquainted ourselves with our new neighbours and together mentally prepared for the mammoth feast ahead! 

First up was a scrumptious Ginger Pig Ham Hock Minestrone soup accompanied by locally sourced sour dough bread and home made butter!  

Ordinarily, I'm not a Minestrone fan. A bit too watery and bitty for my liking. But wowoweewa this blew my socks off!

So much so that I forgot to take a photo. Eekk..

I know I know...I'm sorry! Excitement got the better of me and it was gone before I could say 'Freeze!'

It just smelt so good that my speedy little fingers couldn't wait to pick up the spoon and dig in! I'll even admit I had seconds before even thinking about a photo.

See? Naughty blogger. 

Ashamed, I took myself off to find the naughty step.

Naturally, I followed my nose and found myself in the chef's camp outside. 

So this is where the magic happens?!

I rushed back to share the news only to find they'd received it first hand.

Sweet Baby Jesus...

This hunk of chunk you have the pleasure of feasting your eyes on is a joint of Porchetta, courtesy of the Ginger Pig

The master carver got to work and served us all with 'healthy' portions!

Keeping the meat company, were some crispy roast potatoes, caramelised onions, kale and chestnut salad topped with a lemon and anchovy dressing.

"Hark now hear the angels sing!" 

This delightful bottle of red washed it all down nicely. 

The crowds rubbed their bellies in content, pulled the blankets over their laps and banged their cutlery in anticipation for dessert.

And here she is!

White chocolate and rosemary pana cotta, with cranberry and white wine sauce.

I can just hear the moans and groans! Mmmmmm.. 

I don't recommend licking the screen though buddy. Experience tells me it doesn't quite taste the same! 

Filled to the brim with goodness and smiles all round, we needed something to help digest it all. And these dudes had it covered. 

A sensational acoustic band from London, that had us all mesmerised!

You may have noticed that the cello player was also the barman in my earlier photo. Well, this talented chap is a jack of all trades. Don cocktail shaker, fabulous musician and exquisite singer. 

My favourite number was a song called "Young Bones" - check it out here.

Tickets for this event cost £35 and are worth every penny although jump on them as soon as you can. They tend to be quick little nippers! 

Great food & wonderfully warming atmosphere made for a brilliant Festive evening.

For your chance to wrap your chops around these heavenly treats sign up to Forza Win's newsletter or follow them on Twitter

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