18 December 2013

The Office Christmas Bash

The party season is most certainly upon us! 

Holiday celebrations have been filling the city with buzz and laughter. Bubbles endlessly flow and livers have already had enough...and there's still a week to go until Christmas!

I was put in charge of organising my firm's Christmas Party. A task I was both very excited and nervous about. As with most people, our office works exceptionally hard and plays just that little bit harder, so expectations were high.

Berry Bros & Rudd was this year's chosen venue.

A beautifully old and charming wine merchants on St.James' Street that has supplied many a royal wedding and state banquet with liquid deliciousness over the centuries (shhhh...It's a secret!)

The evening arrived, the Napoleon Cellar looked dashing and everything was in place. All we needed now were the punters! 

Throughout these last few weeks, as long as the day has ended in the letter 'y', gents have been brushing the cobwebs off their bow ties and ladies have been lining up another sparkly number. It is after all, the time of year for merriment and cheer! 

I wore a long dress by In One Clothing

Topped off with a little ostrich feather cape for an extra bit of 'jouj'!

After plenty of fabulous champagne and canapés that were gobbled up before I could take a snap, we proceeded to dinner.

Three decadent courses comprising of artichoke velouté and seared pavé of cod to start, a sumac-crusted lamb cutlet and this slice of heaven to finish off!

Salted caramel tart with praline macaroon and crème fraîche 
sorbet. Isn't she just gawwjus?  

As accompaniment to the coffees, I thought I'd scrap the petit fours and introduce this sweet little thing to the group instead! 

A robust and confident young lady who had us all singing "I will survive" as we left Berry Bros in a konga and headed to the final destination of the evening.

Maggie's is an 80's club on the Fulham Road that doesn't take itself too seriously.

The staff are dressed in 80's get up, the tables are made of giant Rubik's cubes and the music gets everyone up on their feet.

The sharing cocktails are fantastic. Extremely strong...but fantastic. 

They range from Maggie Thatcher faces to A Team trucks and humongous fish bowls.

Just watch out...they are deceivingly tasty and may lead you to do things like this...

 ...everyone loves Super Mario, right?

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