18 February 2014

Country Birthday Celebrations

After a long, wet and dreary week, Friday had finally arrived (Hurrah!) and I was ready to drop my corporate worries at the office door and have some fun. 

This weekend I grabbed my wellies and headed home to the Somerset countryside to hang out with the bestest pals a gal could ask for - my siblings! 

It was an extended celebration of my birthday and I was uber giddy to be with them all. 

This little beauty (Stonehenge for those who are unfamiliar) is not only one of the seven wonders of the world but also a crucial landmark in my journey - 40mins till I'm home!!

I was given some beautiful birthday blooms by Nikki Tibbles at Wild at Heart 

And greeted by a couple of pheasants who popped by to wish me 'Appy Burfdee' in their best West Country accents. Now you don't get this type of service in London! 
Back inside and away from the cold, the kettle was on and I was completely spoiled with more wonderful gifts. 

Wow, what a treat! I really am very lucky to have these cuties in my life! I smothered them all with kisses and thanked them for their kindness before we all bundled in to the car and headed to Bath for a spot of lunch at The Porter

With so many wonderful things to choose from, we pored ourselves some fizz and begun our inspection of the menu!

Unable to pick a clear winner, my sister Michelle and I shared two beauties - the chicken and risotto and the chicken salad.

Roasted corn-fed chicken breast with truffle risotto and roasted leeks

My brothers choice of 'Deli Board British Charcuterie: Smoked salmon, hummus, roasted artichokes, stuffed peppers, baby mozzarella, olives & bread'

Market fish of the day with sautéed spinach, pumpkin puree and Fregola pasta & crab sauce

Roast chicken salad with mixed leaves, squash, sun blushed tomatoes and pine nuts

Absolutely de-licious! All of it! Just yummy! 

We rubbed our bellies and smiled in delight, waited a courteous 15 mins for the food to reach our stomachs, ordered our coffees and headed over to the bar to check out their fancy looking puds.

Filled to the brim and noticing my slight waddle on the way over, I felt it best to skip dessert and head home for snuggles and chocolate instead.  

One of the best things about having younger siblings is that it gives you a very valid excuse to watch Disney films. Snug as two bugs in a rug, Georgie and I delved into Frozen - which is a fabulous film may I add. 

The next morning, we all wrapped up in big coats and headed to Babington for a stroll in the sun to work off those chocies and refuel with some delicious breakfast. 

My kinda perfect weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours too! 

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