24 February 2014

Weekend in pictures

Howdy partners! 

Now I would wish you a Happy Monday but frankly I'm not very happy it's come around so quickly!

So instead of facing up to the fact that it's a new week and I'm back on the hamster wheel that is 'work', I thought I'd reminisce over the weekend and drag you chums along for the ride. 
Friday was a glorious day in London - a rare sight for our gloomy winter eyes.  

OOTD was inspired by the want for / thought of Spring > New Blooms > Pollen > Bumble Bee. Comprende? 

Double Dinner Date with some wonderful friends at The Wright Brothers, Soho Oyster House restaurant. 
First up, some Atlantic Prawns and you guessed it - Oysters!

Three plain Frenchman's Creek from the Helford River in the UK. These guys are large and meaty and best accompanied by a Tabasco vinaigrette. 

The second trio were dressed Oysters in Chilli Jam. Now these are ladies. They are the pageant queen type that secretly throw a good punch! POW!

Georgina and I had half lobsters drowned in garlic butter. Yum!

And the boys shared the ultimate Surf & Turf - Lobster and Wagyu Beef steak. 

In case you are wondering what the sinister looking utensils are, they help extract the meat from the Lobster claw. You crack the shell with the small oval shape and pull the meat with the pliers. 

A bit grim, I know! 
We skipped dessert and finished off the meal nicely with some Espresso Martinis. 
 Lethal in more ways than one!

I have had some pretty action packed weekends of late (travel up to the North to see the in-laws and down to the South to hang with my family) so I was delighted to have nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. 

Saturday mainly saw me resting on the sofa in my White Company nightdress (similar here), catching up with guilty pleasure TV and cooking the mother of all Spaghetti bolognese to help knock that Martini hangover out of the park. 

And Sunday brought with it comfy Levi jeans, a white T and some converse. 

I've been avoiding tackling my wardrobe for a long while and there was no more hiding. 
My darling friend and the voice behind Shanika-Says kindly invited me to a blogger clothes swap this evening, so I spent the day picking out some treasures to take along.

As a result, I managed to fill two big dustbin bags of clothes to take to the local charity shop. 

I'm not very good at getting rid of things. I know it's silly and despite feeling better (and slightly cleansed) for it in the end, I always get a small bout of anxiety that I'm losing the memory by disposing of the item that triggers it. 

Am I the only one?

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  1. Hi there!! What a fabulous post, your meal looks absolutely delicious and loving your outfit too-so perfect for Spring! Was so nice to meet you last night and I've added you on bloglovin and my favourite reads, so will definitely be stopping by with some comments every now and then!!